Why Canada Is the Best Country to Migrate to

Getting an immigrant visa to live and work in another country is not easy. You need to have plenty of funds to support yourself and your family, excellent references, and a job offer with a high salary. Many factors go into determining if you’re eligible to immigrate to another country as well. According to the latest report by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), Canada ranks third among the top immigration destinations after the United States and Australia. Among all the countries that allow permanent residency, Canada offers one of the most attractive immigration programs for foreigners who want to settle there permanently as new citizens. Even if you don’t plan on moving there, you can use these insights about why Canada is the best country for migration as a reference wherever you apply for immigration in future.

A booming economy with plenty of job opportunities

For most immigrants, finding a job is perhaps the biggest challenge they face when moving to a new place. Canada, however, is one country where you can be sure of finding a job, as the economy is largely driven by its diverse and innovative industries. These include information and communication technologies, energy, natural resources, food and beverage, and many others. In fact, Canada’s economy is one of the strongest in the world, with growing job opportunities and a high standard of living for both locals and immigrants. The country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is about $1.7 trillion and the average GDP growth rate is 1.7%. The GDP per capita is about $50,000 and the average salary of an employee is $43,000 annually.

Promising growth and advancement opportunities for immigrants

The Canadian government understands that the country’s long-term growth and prosperity depend largely on how well it can integrate new immigrants into its society. That’s why it gives priority to highly skilled and qualified immigrants, who have good prospects of contributing to the economy. There is a plethora of government-funded programs that offer financial assistance to immigrants who have advanced skills and are willing to settle in rural and remote areas of the country. There are also generous funding programs offered by the Canadian provincial governments and municipalities designed to attract new immigrants to settle in remote areas and smaller cities. The Canadian government’s commitment to inclusive growth means that it has put in place several policies and laws to protect and promote the rights of minority groups. These include women, people with disabilities, First Nations, and LGBTQ members.

A high standard of living and excellent quality of life

For millions of people, the key reason for choosing Canada as the best country to migrate to is its high standard of living and excellent quality of life. The country’s clean environment and progressive social policies are a huge draw for many immigrants. The healthcare system in Canada is one of the best in the world, with free medical care for everyone regardless of their citizenship status. The government has also set up a special healthcare program for immigrants to help them deal with any health issues (mental or physical) that they may encounter during the settlement process. The standard of education in Canada is very high and is comparable to that in many developed countries. The public education system uses English or French as the medium of instruction, which makes it easier for immigrants to adapt to their new lives. Canada also has a low crime rate, which is a significant advantage.

Transparent and responsive governance

Canada is one of the most transparent and responsive countries in the world. A large number of immigrants choose to settle in this country because it’s governed by a democratic and decentralized system of governance. The Canadian federal government is responsible for foreign affairs, defense, and natural resource management. The provincial governments are responsible for health and social services, education standards, and maintaining law and order. As a federal parliamentary democracy, Canada has a two-house legislative system composed of a House of Commons and a Senate. The executive branch is led by a prime minister who is assisted by a cabinet of ministers. The country’s high transparency and responsiveness are a result of an effective and efficient system of governance.


Canada is a leading destination for immigrants from around the world, welcoming more than 250,000 newcomers each year. Immigrants make an enormous contribution to the nation, accounting for about one-third of Canada’s total population growth. Canada’s immigration system is based on non-discriminatory and equitable principles that promote Canadian interests. The country’s transparent and responsive governance, its high standard of living, and excellent quality of life are factors that make Canada the best country to migrate to. Immigrants who choose to migrate to this country will definitely be rewarded with a good quality of life.
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